Officers and Board of Directors


Richard E. Marbes*

Green Bay, WI

Vice President

J. Marc Burgess

Cold Spring, KY


David L. Tannenbaum

Tampa, FL


Dennis R. Nixon

China Spring, TX


Danny D. Oliver

Coweta, OK


Jo Ann Martinez

Alameda, CA


Denice T. Williams

Suffolk, VA

Richard E. Marbes Image*One of the disability movement’s most articulate leaders, Richard E. Marbes lost his right leg in military service. The Green Bay, Wis., resident enlisted in the Air Force in 1955. As an airborne radio operator, he was assigned to the Mutual Defense Assistance Program in Germany. Little did he realize he’d be training former World War II German servicemen who already knew more about Morse Code and communications than he imagined. Next, Mr. Marbes was assigned to medical evacuation and troop carrier squadrons in France and Germany. Ironically, he himself was med-evaced back to the States following an injury resulting in amputation of his leg. In 1987, Mr. Marbes decided to devote his career to assisting fellow disabled veterans. In 1993, he was elected to serve as National Commander of the million-member Disabled American Veterans. In addition, he was appointed to the Wisconsin State Board of Veterans Affairs. His volunteer role as Chair of the DAV Charitable Service Trust continues his drive to assist fellow disabled veterans and their families.


Bridgette G. Sorrell
Administrator, DAV Charitable Service Trust

Bridgette Sorrell was named Manager of Trust and Foundation Administration in 2012 and promoted to Administrator in 2015. In this position, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the DAV National Service Foundation (NSF), the DAV Charitable Service Trust (CST) and the Disabled Veterans Life Memorial Foundation (DVLMF), three independent nonprofit organizations with combined assets of roughly $150 million. These organizations have a long and close association with DAV and serve many valuable functions. NSF supports DAV in the local, state, and national capacity through financial assistance to the DAV National Service Program, the Transportation Network, and Departments and Chapters, as needed. CST supports a variety of charitable programs benefiting ill and injured veterans throughout the country. DVLMF is charged with the responsibility of promoting the American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial, located within eyesight of the U.S. Capitol Building, for the purpose of educating the public on the sacrifices and needs of disabled veterans.

Ms. Sorrell began her DAV career in 2001, shortly after graduation from high school. Initially assigned as a Donor Relations Correspondent, she was promoted to the DAV executive offices in 2006, where she provided direct support to both the Comptroller and the General Counsel.

In 2010, Ms. Sorrell was promoted to the newly-created position of Legal and Regulatory Affairs Coordinator. In that capacity, reporting to the General Counsel, her duties were wide-ranging and involved a broad range of issues, including fundraising compliance, litigation management and basic legal research.

She also played a major role in the creation and implementation of new procedures for managing contracts and tracking bequests. Working with the National Service Department and the General Counsel, she helped to structure DAV's expanded program of representation of veterans at the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

As Trust and Foundation Administrator, Ms. Sorrell has played a key role in several initiatives involving DAV, NSF, CST and DVLMF. During her tenure, DAV and CST created a unique partnership with the Veterans Legal Clinic at Harvard Law School; NSF funded a groundbreaking training/resource program for DAV NSOs; and DVLMF inaugurated an innovative web-based “virtual visit” to the Memorial. In recognition of her position, Ms. Sorrell was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Military Families and Veterans Service Organizations of America (MFVSOA), which is a federation of America’s finest national organizations working to ensure veterans and their families are not forgotten in their service and sacrifice.

Ms. Sorrell is a native of Kentucky and is a member of DAV Auxiliary Unit 19 in Cold Spring, Ky.

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