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Robert Hague Getting in a DAV Transportation Network VanAs a young man, Robert Hague served as a Navy corpsman in the Pacific, and saw duty in the hellish firestorms of the Marines' island-hopping campaign, including the bloody invasion of Okinawa.

As a blinded World War II veteran, it is extremely hard for him to get to and from the Indianapolis VA Medical Center for needed medical care. In addition to his blindness, several knee operations have left him crippled. He is unable to drive and uses a cane or wheelchair to move about.

"I use the DAV Van because I can’t drive or walk," Mr. Hague said. "The DAV Transportation Network is a great program to support. They even deliver medicines to veterans at home who have difficulty getting out."

Since VA budget cuts stopped transportation reimbursement to veterans in 1987, thousands of veterans like Mr. Hague depend on the DAV Transportation Network Program, and countless DAV volunteer drivers to get to and from VA medical facilities for needed medical care.

A gift to the DAV Charitable Service Trust helps to keep the DAV Transportation Network Program rolling to build better lives for America’s disabled veterans and their families. Your contribution is another way to say, "We take care of our own."
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