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Sgt. Tyler HallThousands of young men and women wounded in Iraq are flooding military hospitals. There, they find a compassionate friend in the Disabled American Veterans. DAV National Service Officers are offering their knowledge, skills and abilities to make things easier as they return home.

Sgt. Tyler Hall served in Iraq. A truck he was riding in north of Tikrit struck an improvised explosive device – a 155mm artillery shell buried in the road. The white-hot heat from the explosion left him with seared skin, a shattered left leg and other injuries. Sgt. Hall was unconscious for 45 days.

He lost his leg, doctors reconstructed his face, and skin was grafted onto his burns. Even though he faces months of rehabilitation, he dreams of returning to school.

DAV National Service Officers are ensuring that Tyler will receive VA benefits and health care that he earned as a soldier when he leaves the Army. DAV will also ensure that Tyler receives all his educational benefits.

The DAV Charitable Service Trust never forgets the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. A gift to the Trust provides service, compassion, and the thanks of a grateful nation.
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