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Our Program

Our Program

Since establishment, the DAV Charitable Service Trust has led a grant program for not-for-profit organizations that fulfill a need or array of needs for sick, wounded, and homeless or at-risk veterans throughout the nation.  Though the Trust recognizes that the needs of veterans are often unique to a particular military family or veteran of a specific era, many of the services provided with grants funds reflect the rehabilitation for physical and/or psychological wounds from combat.

Frequently, the Trust awards grants to promote food, shelter, and other necessary items to homeless or at-risk veterans; mobility items for veterans that have experienced vision loss, hearing loss, or amputations; therapeutic or recreational activities for those with physical and/or psychological limitations; and education or training for veterans seeking career-readiness and skill development.  Funds have also been awarded to support the families and caregivers of veterans in acknowledgement of the extended barriers faced by countless loved ones. The Trust does not generally provide funding to support goodwill advertising; initiatives that are affiliated with any given political or religious concept or campaign; endowment funds; pilot or newly established projects; or capital items including funds to support the acquisition or maintenance/rehabilitation of property.

Each year, the Trust promotes the availability of multiple funding cycles and encourages qualified not-for-profit organizations to submit a detailed proposal for consideration of a grant. For more information regarding the grant program and opportunities for financial support of your not-for-profit organization, navigate to our Grants section.


Organization applies for a DAV Charitable Service Trust grant to support a veteran’s initiative

DAV Charitable Service Trust reviews the application and determines if an award will be granted to support the veterans’ initiative

Veterans and their families benefit from services provided with funds from the DAV Charitable Service Trust